Rainy Season Side Hustles

Rainy season side hustles abound around us.

A ‘side hustle’ is a micro enterprise that acts as a supporting source of income for a person.

Usually, you can manage it along with a full- time job because it does not require round the clock attention (at least initially).

After working hours and/ or during the weekends are when people attend to side hustles.

Common examples include tailoring, cooking, baking, emceeing, hairdressing, teaching etc.

At Sky Capital, we offer loans at affordable rates for such enterprises.

As we adjust to the rainy season, we list common rainy season side hustles that many make a foray into.

1. Manufacturing & Sales of Protective Rubber Equipment: Makers and traders of raincoats, shower caps, umbrellas, rubber boots etc. take advantage of the rains to boost sales.

2. Farming: The rainy season favour the growth of many fruits and vegetables including corn, cucumber, mango, tomato and okra. Snail farming also thrives during the rainy season.

Farmers are encouraged to get insurance to protect them when the season is not favourable.

3. Mechanic work: Due to the floods that come with the rainy season, more vehicles are prone to getting stuck in the floods and this calls for the skills of mechanics and towing companies.

Insured vehicles are however covered in such cases if their plans cover towing.

4. Gardening: The rains accelerate aggressive growth of weeds and plants. This in turn require more frequent gardening when compared to the dry season where watering is largely the case.

5. Events hall renting: Many people host outdoor events during the dry season. However, during the rainy season, the unpredictable weather forces everyone to rent halls for their occasions.

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