Adapting to January

Adapting to January is a must- have skill.

The new month will arrive in less than two weeks.

Whilst most people are eagerly looking forward to the feeling of a brand-new year, there is a downside.

The first month promises to come along with its usual weakness of staying too long.

From a prudent point of view, it doesn’t help party-lovers that there are five weekends- and five traps for euphoric spending- in the opening month.

Why exactly does January seem like a lifetime when it comes?

Like Mike Skinner inquired, ‘Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?

We obviously get carried away with the festivities of Christmas, Boxing day and The New year and forget that everyday of the new month comes with its own bills.

We’ve put together three tips that can help you deal with the endlessness of January, particularly as it affects your finances.

1. Get ready: The endless 31 days of a new year come annually. Prepare for it mentally and otherwise. You can use the longevity to your advantage by fulfilling a good number of your goals.

2. Draw a budget: It is the time to be merry but there also will be real bills once it’s all over. The easiest way to carry on without struggling is to budget your merrymaking.

3. Pick your parties: There will be a slew of events over the coming weeks; the onus is on you to choose the most relevant ones to attend if you want to have a relatively smooth January.

Parties come and go but bills don’t- they pile up and lead to debt which is not a great start to a new year.

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